Welcome to Ma’had Islam Brunei unofficial website.  The objective for setting up this place is to share and update information about the college to the public especially teachers, students and parents.

We strongly advised to our kindly readers to read and understand the disclaimer before continuing reading.  We hope you will find this place both informative and interesting.

Thank you.


12 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. kitani ada lg saturday ani mungkin siuk jua tu.I heard yg dtg dari adat istiadat jua.

  2. Assalamualaikum. First of all I like congratulate to Ma’had Islam Brunei on their website. It’s very ineteresting and very informative. I only knew this website exist from a friend of mine. I would like to suggest here that why don’t you make it as an official website? This is a very informative website and I’m sure most of the public are unaware of the existence of this website unless if those who work in the Islamic Religious Department (who have any relatives working in Ma’had) know your website. My point is why not publish it to the public, promote your website. I’m sure there will be a huge response from the public especially parents who want to send their sons to study in your school. This is also a good example to other Arabic Schools in the country as they also can create their own website and give some ideas to the public especially to those parents wanting to send their children to Arabic schools in the near future.

  3. msaccountable Says:

    Salaam Hureen. Thank you visiting here and really appreciate your ideas and support. Yes, we will make this an official place as currently it is still under construction. Its part of our objective to promote our college. Anyway, keep on visiting and hope you can give feedbacks so that we can improve. Thanks again. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. 🙂

  4. KaringLihir Says:

    Post tia link rah dst blogging nation.

  5. Hi salam..good ideas n its great to lnow that mahad has its own website..hope it will go on n more news to be published

  6. tahniahh

  7. assalamualaikum =D pngalaman terindah smasa d mahad,tq ustaz2 n ustazah,jazakumullahu khairo~~

  8. wah bru ku tau yg mahad da dh bolg ane..thniah2..p lau buleh tym ku d sna dh ada blog anee..ehehe nd pa lh ;p..btw thniah2 kpd mahad sl b8 blog ane,sl dpt jua lpz kn wndu mliat bks skulh ku ane..ehe k tq..asslmualaikum..

  9. Maimar0608 Says:

    Salam, first of all congratulation on your website even it is not official. I would like to suggest that you keep your website updated, at least once a month. One other thing is that there is not enough information in this site. Hopefully you can add more to it.

  10. Assalam and marhaban…. i didn’t know mahad has its own blog…. anyway, any updates? i miss mahad so much…… the teachers especially miss Shadiyat, mama Fahmida, miss Saadah, mister Cheng!, mister Dj Zafreen…, macik2 cleanerz and dapur, paci Bakar and pci Jun and wrga skulah. it reminds me last year. kenangan manis and pahit d mahd. nda menyesal ku pilih mahad… so sad for me to leave. then again, syukran jazilan to all teachrs yg pernah ajar aku, may Allah bless u all!. sori if i ever done something wrong during my time there, but its fun! 😉

  11. Assalamualaikum and hye people especially warga Mahad Islam Brunei..Hope it’s not too late to wish Happy New Year 2010. Advice to all students 2010 MIB, work harder, focus to your study so that you get a bright future with flying colours..Wake up boys!! I know you can do it.All of you are selected students…Semoga berjaya. amin……………

  12. penuntut hensem Says:

    salaam, Tahniah kepada sekolahku krana brjaya untuk mengadakan smbutan ulang tahun MIB yg ke-20 tahun… I’m single

    year 8b

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